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INNS OF COURT est. 1960

Inns of Court 

The Inns of Court houses the chambers of some 160 members of the private bar whose practices cover a wide range of specialist areas of the law. It also contains the Inns of Court Mediation and Arbitration Centre. The office of the Bar Association of Queensland is located on the ground floor. Please call 07 3238 5100.

Limited tenancies are available at the Inns of Court.  Enquiries to purchase Chambers can be made to Barristers Chambers Limited on
07 3236 2478.

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To contact the Barrister you wish to talk or meet with please search by name.  Click on the first letter of the Barrister's surname and the list of Barristers will appear.  Click on the Barrister's name that you want and the contact details will appear. The office number that you call will put you straight through to the clerk.

Mediation facilities

The Inns of Court Mediation and Arbitration Centre is a purpose built facility conveniently located on Level 5 of the Inns of Court. The private and secure environment of the Centre with its superbly appointed rooms and facilities, provides an excellent venue for mediations, arbitrations and small conferences.

For room availability call 07 3236 0855

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